Ah! It’s already week 3 of Marathon training and all I want to do is hold onto something because time is whipping by.


I completed 12 miles on Monday after work and boy was that a mental battle of epic proportions. Charlie, my Aussie, was amused at first but got bored quickly after he realized that his crazy owner was still running in the same spot 20 minutes later. “Humans are so weird”  I could hear him thinking as he slumped down and hung out for the next couple hours.

The experience: There was no question in my mind that I had to get it done even though I had a lot of moments when time seemed to stand still. At one point I just covered up the treadmill stats and ran “blind” just focusing on the feel of it all. Even though the treadmill is incredibly boring, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that it paces evenly. I can’t recreate that consistency just yet so it’s a helpful training tool for now. At the end I did speed up just to get it done sooner and ended up about 30 seconds faster than the goal training pace. Gu helped a lot and gave me a second wind 8 miles in.

Total Mileage So far: 39 miles

On the Schedule this week: 24 miles 

Long Run Scheduled: 14 miles (Holy Smokes I’ve only ever done 13.1!)

I’ve tinkered with the plan a smidgen by running the last two long runs on Monday instead of Sunday (don’t ask me why b/c I’m just Mrs. Random) but will be switching it back to Sunday this week. So technically this week I will have run 36 miles. Yikes! I guess that makes me an official runner right?!

Hit The Road Jane Marathon Training Facts:

My Favorite position after long runs is: On the floor. Legs up or Star fish (sprawled out) with a vacant look in my eyes and sweat forming puddles around my body. I am not allowed to sit on furniture during what I’ve dubbed my “Sweat Monsoon” period (typically 5 minutes after I stop running.)

saFavorite Drink: Dasani Water. A LOT OF IT. 4-5 bottles during and post long run. If I don’t have Dasani on hand, hoards of distilled water are needed to keep this camel girl hydrated. You know, my skin should be glowing or sparkling with the amount of water I’m drinking. Still waiting for that to happen.

Current Nuun Flavor: Lemonade. Mmm Summer. You are hot as balls but lemonade nuun makes you slightly bearable.

Favorite Pandora Channel for an Energy Spike: Eminem. Nothing like listening to a white angry boy rant to pump up the adrenaline in your veins. I always perk up and run faster when I listen to him.

Favorite Running Outfit: Oiselle strappy bra and distance shorts. If I’m running at home, I stick to just a bra and shorts and feel so liberated. I have a feeling I may be doing this outside sooner rather than later. I apologize in advance to the people I’m going to blind with my freakishly white skin.

Favorite Distraction: Amazon Prime Movies. When I have a long run on the treadmill, I love alternating between a movie and music to keep boredom at bay. Amazon has free unlimited streaming of many movies which has been pretty cool :) I saw City of Angels for the last 10 miler and was so moved during some scenes that I forgot I was running.


Favorite Hack: My new “Treadmill Desk” Ryan gave me a plank of wood and I literally lay it across my treadmill handles. It’s ghetto but I love it.
Favorite Gu: Peanut Butter! It really does taste like the real stuff and no matter how many I’ve had, you’ll still catch me looking at it in awe because I half expect to see creamy spread come out. Those food scientists are brilliant I tell ya.
Favorite Feeling: The pride that comes after I finish each long run. As I recover on my floor with the sweat cascading down my skin, this incredible feeling of triumph trickles into existence and I can’t help beaming. I can’t believe I’m training for a marathon. I am doing this alone and my determination is fueling it all.

What I’ve Learned:

  • Marathon training is not about how physically strong you are. It is about how mentally strong you are. It will kick your ass if you don’t have the right mind set. Shift the paradigm and believe you can do this and you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish.
  • Eating and drinking during runs is such a pain but totally necessary! I felt  rejuvenated once the sugar kicked in and was able to speed up towards the end.

 How is your marathon training going? 

What are your favorite things (Nuun flavor, Gu, feeling, outfit, drink)? 



12 Miles Say What? — 11 Comments

  1. ha I just instagramed you a picture of my dog from my run on Monday. She was totally, utterly bored with me when I was running on my treadmill. Like instant depression, pouting.. you name it.

    Major props to you making it through 12 miles!! I’ve become obsessed with watching Extreme Weightloss on the treadmill. I also have started rewatching Sex and the City which I put on mute with captions on and turn music on. Anything to keep me occupied!
    Stacey @ Starpulp recently posted..Bacon Wrapped Goat Cheese Stuffed DatesMy Profile

  2. Girl, I read this from start to finish!!! I’m training for my first half in August. I’m getting stronger every day. I’m going to try the Gu for energy. Thanks for keeping it real and keeping me motivated!!!

    • lol gracias, it’s incredible what the mere thought of boredom will drive one to do. Surprisingly, Ryan didn’t think I was crazy for suggesting it. Even though it’s not pretty it totally works and makes me happy 😀 Let me know if you make one!

  3. WOHOOOO way to go girl!! you are right it is entirely mental…though a long run after work is like adding to the mental battle!!

    I’m doing 14 this weekend too, so we can channel each other. I do promise that while it’s not always easy, that satisfaction each time you hit a new milestone makes it worth it. Seriously so excited for you.

    when do we get to meet up again?!
    Amanda @runtothefinish recently posted..Sugar Detox Diary Day 2 and 3: Emotional CravingsMy Profile

    • you and me both lol As you can see, I had to trick my mind throughout the run by distracting it. And I just kept thinking “One mile at a time”. It’s amazing what we are capable of when we just do things step by step. Thinking I only had 2 more miles till I was half way, then just a 5k, etc. HELPED LOADS. Charlene you are strong and you have the will 😀 I’m rooting for you!!!

  4. I just wanted to stop in and say thank you!!!! You have really inspired me. I ran my first half marathon last night in the Alien Invasion 13.1 in Roswell, GA. But if I hadn’t found this blog, I never would have thought I could do something like that. I had a baby 10 months ago and I have never been a runner. Your blog helped change that. You inspired me and showed me that if you could be a busy full time nurse and do it, so could I!! Thanks again!!

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