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The semester is finally over! My first term back while working full time was definitely challenging. It was a balancing act that required a lot of time and money, things I quickly began to appreciate once I had less of them. When I heard about Sprint’s new My Way Student Promotion offering FREE unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for a full year, I had to head over to a Best Buy mobile specialty store to check out this amazing deal for myself.

Unfortunately, my cell phone bill is currently one of my costliest monthly expenses (besides rent) coming in at a little over $100 a month! This is money I wish I could be saving to use for other things like school books or making a dent in my student loans. But I didn’t have other options at the time so I signed a contract by choosing one of the lesser evils available.

So I recently stopped by my local store to find more information and a friendly staff member to help me understand the ins and outs of this incredible deal.

MobileStoreI found just the poor associate to help answer my arsenal of questions. He immediately greeted me warmly and patiently helped answer every thing I could think of asking. I have to say that Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores have always been models of great customer service and this experience was no different.

StaffBestBuyAs a working student that lives far from family, it’s really important for me to have cell phone plan that I can rely on so that I can connect with loved ones any time, especially during the holidays. The associate was very knowledgeable, and took me through all the details of the program. I was pretty impressed and didn’t feel like there were any glaring downfalls to signing up.

What I discovered was that the the My Way Student Promotion offering Sprint’s Unlimited My Way Plan is truly a flexible program. The steps are basically:

1. Select and purchase a phone. They have the latest tech available with a selection of both Android and Apple models. Phones start at $249 and include mid range prices for popular picks like the Iphone at $450. Just remember that these phones are pricier because the plans do not come with a contract. However, If you’re still looking to save more money, Sprint still offers basic mobile phones with blocked data that you can still unlock to make it unlimited for just $10 a month.


2. Select your plan.

studentplan3. Provide Student Verification. Any student is eligible from grade school on up to University including home schoolers! You can verify student status in several ways by uploading or faxing one of the following:

  • Valid report card from current school year

  • Student ID

  • Enrollment confirmation /tuition receipt for current school year

  • Required state documents if home schooled

4. Decide whether you want to trade in your existing phone using Best Buy’s Trade In program. You can get up to a $200 gift card that you can use toward anything including your new cell phone to save even more money.

InfoStoreAnd that’s it! after paying a $36 activation fee, you’ll have 12 months of free unlimited text, talk, and 1GBdata saving you about $840 in a year!! If I wasn’t still under contract until October, I would definitely have made the switch right then and there.

What I love:

  • No contracts. After a year, you are free to leave Sprint or sign on with a traditional $70 a month unlimited plan if you wish. That is still much cheaper than what many cell phone companies offer.
  • Unlimited. Ah the freedom of that word. The possibilities!! That means you can talk to even the most long winded family members without worrying about your minutes. Not worried about that? then how about when you’re stuck waiting for ages when trying to get help from some customer service reps? Yeah I think we’ve all been there.
  • If you have more than one student, you can add a line and enjoy an additional year of free service!

It seems that being a student definitely has it’s perks sometimes!

To learn more, head over to your local Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store before January 4, 2014. You can also follow them on twitter to make sure you don’t miss the latest mobile phone deals.


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  1. My husband pays an arm and a leg for his cell service and I just don’t get it! I went in to a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and found the staff very friendly and I got great service. They really catered to my needs there and I really appreciate that. They were also oddly calm about my children climbing the walls. :) #client

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