hsLast year at the Hispanicize Conference in Miami, I tweeted my little thumbs heart out during an event and won an all inclusive trip for 4 days and 3 nights to the five star hotel Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever won and I finally took some much needed time off this weekend to enjoy my grand prize before it expired.

Cancun1We hopped on a plane Friday and made our way to Mexico for the first time by connecting in my hometown Miami (that Peace & Love picture above is from the MIA airport. Does anyone else think that airport art can be awesome?). It was pretty smooth sailing until the pilot in Miami decided to not show up to work for some reason leaving us stranded on the plane in the terminal for about 45 minutes. No worries though, American Airlines did a good job of keeping us happy by providing free headphones (which we used to play a long with a game show on tv called Hollywood Game Night ) and free alcohol (which was a surprise because they didn’t announce the free part until I was handing over my debit card. Very sneaky airline people.) So there we were, shouting out answers at the screen (ok it was mostly me doing the shouting….I get competitive) and drinking merrily or if your name is Matt, mostly just making tornadoes with your wine:

Our new pilot finally arrived and we were back on track headed to a sunny better place. When we stepped outside, the humidity in Cancun smacked me in the face like a sticky fat man playing defense during a street basketball game. Too much? Well, It was hot. I was sweltering. The sweat was dripping down the back of my maxi dress like an unwelcome waterfall but nonetheless I was still happy to finally be on vacation. And then our ride dropped us off at our mega resort. My jaw dropped. Moon Palace is massive! and everything is pristine. The first thing I noticed when we walked into the lobby were the stunning stained glass ceilings high above us. glassWe were surrounded by so many beautiful things that I didn’t notice when one of the hotel staff came up to us to hand over these delicious welcome drinks:

Welcome Drinks Moon Palace“What’s in these drinks?” asked Matt wide-eyed

“Coconut milk and blue magic” whispered the front desk agent Lorena before she paused, winked and leaned over to fess up that it was really only coconut milk.

Could’ve fooled us. It was absolutely delicious and we don’t normally like coconut products. Maybe it was the vacation goggles we had on, but everything in our hotel seemed perfect and this was just the beginning of the trip.

To be continued tomorrow…


 Ever been to Cancun? Where did you stay?

When is your next vacation?


Back From Paradise: Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so glad to read a post from you!! I’ve been to Cancun years ago when I used to live in Miami. It was awesome!!!! Now you have me wanting to go back. Can’t wait to read your post tomorrow!!

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