Are you in a life rut? looking for something new, inspiring, and challenging to stir things up? Join me on the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse and reclaim balance in your life.This is not your typical cleanse. Kris Carr created this go with the flow program with the intent that it wouldn’t “create or support more stress in your life.” You do not need to be perfect. All it asks is that you try 😀 Stay mindful, listen to your body, and enjoy the little moments in your day. Therefore I’m calling this the Happy Cleanse. Are you ready to track down your Happy?

Today is day 1 of the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse from Kris Carr’s Book Crazy Sexy Diet. I’m doing this along with my new buddy Nhershoes blogger Bobbi over at and invite all of you to check in with us daily and try some of these challenges with us.

I’ll be posting all about my experience here daily and include recipes along the way that you can easily recreate at home.

To help you navigate, Kris Carr lists 20 questions you can ask yourself everyday to make sure you’re staying on track. If you deviate a little IT IS OK :) Just remember to try your best and learn from any blunders along the way. This is not a fad diet but a way of life so it’s best to treat this as a learning opportunity. If you fall, get back up and try again.

I’m heading out to Whole Foods in a little bit to get stocked up for the week. I’ll be back soon to post more about what the cleanse entails! In the meantime, subscribe to my Youtube channel and blog to make sure you don’t miss out on daily updates, tips, and recipes. Are you in?

Just for Today Challenge

From the 20 Questions Checklist: Go enjoy nature for at least 5 minutes today. Go for a walk, hike, bike, stroll, run, etc. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the day with no distractions.


Kris Carr’s 21 Day Adventure Cleanse — 6 Comments

    • 😀 thanks Alex I hope so too. I think a lot of people are trying to eat healthier now that awareness is spreading through documentaries like Forks Over Knives, books, and social media. I hope you’ll try some of the challenges with us! Have a great night chica!

  1. Aww watching your video made me miss hanging out with you all last weekend! I can’t wait to read through this book more and get started on the challenge as well. I wasn’t even interested in really reading it, but online peer pressure sure does work wonders, and I’m glad I snagged it up 😛
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..I Got Owned by the Sun…TwiceMy Profile

    • Funny because I was thinking about all of you while filming it lol freaky telekinesis going on ::cues twilight zone music:: Lol online peer pressure is AWESOME. I credit it for so many of my adventures even if they didn’t all turn out so hot 😀 OOoo I hope you do join us. I really want to hear your thoughts on it and how it affects training. I’m very curious to see if it’ll help w/energy levels and endurance. Let me know if/when you start or decide to hop on this crazy fun cleanse train.

    • Yeah I like how this cleanse isn’t all “drink water and eat bamboo leaves for 5 days to lose weight” lol. Did you get to do your trail run?? I’d really like to try running those one day. Not sure I have the right shoes though.

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