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PurplePurseLogo_PassItOn_horzOctober is best known for it’s spooky celebrations, but many people don’t know that is also Domestic Abuse Awareness month. One in 4 women are affected in their lifetimes which is more than breast cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer COMBINED. Every hour, 145 instances of domestic violence occur in the U.S. and 3 women die each day as a result. Most of us have either been affected or know someone that has. Domestic abuse shouldn’t be happening but it does more than we know because most Americans find it difficult to talk about. More than one third of Americans have never discussed the issue with family or friends so the purple purse campaign was created by the Allstate Foundation as a conversation starter.

PicMonkey CollageI spend time with so many fabulous women that are bright, funny, and have so much going for them. I would hate to think that an issue like this could go unmentioned just because it isn’t comfortable to discuss. The issue is too important to ignore and we cannot lose another beautiful talented friend because they don’t know where to turn or how to reach out.

Now in its third year, the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse Campaign has pledged to donated up to $350,000 to the YWCA for programs designed to assist survivors of domestic violence and other women in need.For every purple purse passed through the end of October, The Allstate Foundation will donate $5 to YWCA and hopefully help stop the cycle of abuse. If you’re wondering why Allstate chose the purple purse as a symbol it is because:

A lack of financial knowledge or resources is the number one indicator of whether a domestic violence victim will stay, leave, or return to an abusive relationship.

get-attachment.aspxThe Allstate Foundation has sent out 1,000 purses carrying domestic violence information across the country. Each purse will be passed between friends, family, and co-workers in the hopes of sparking important conversations along the way. Even if you don’t get your hands on one, you can still help the cause by logging onto Facebook.com/PurplePurse and sharing a virtual purple purse. Each time a virtual purse is shared, the Allstate Foundation will make a $5 donation to YWCA.


Times are changing, but sadly many women still don’t feel that they have the financial means to escape a bad domestic situation. Ladies, always make sure you have a rainy day fund just for yourself no matter what your relationship status is or becomes.

  • Financial resources give YOU freedom. No relationship is fool proof and I’m not trying to be unromantic here. Just be prepared! having emergency funds provides you an escape at the first signs of abuse.
  • Keep in contact with your family and friends throughout your relationship! They love you and can help pull you out of a situation especially when you don’t feel strong enough to leave on your own.
  • Don’t be ashamed. Abusers are very good at making you feel worthless and like it is your fault this is happening. KNOW that you are AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and DESERVING of better treatment.

If you need immediate help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224. Visit www.PurplePurse.com for more information about the Purple Purse Project and don’t forget to go to their Facebook page to pass a virtual purse that will trigger a $5 donation to YWCA.

P.S. Join in on the online conversation during theĀ Allstate Foundation Twitter Party on October 9, 2013 to help spread more awareness! Just search for #PurplePurse to participate.

Have you ever discussed domestic violence or helped a friend get out of a bad situation?


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  1. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I could not have gotten away on my own. An organization for battered women, along with the police department and various other people helped me get out safely. It took SEVEN YEARS. It is possible to get out. Never lose hope! xoxo
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