This is what my typical breakfast looks like. Ever since I read the 4 hour body book by Tim Ferris, I’ve been trying to have at least 25 grams of protein every morning. He recommends 30 but I feel like 25 is the minimum I should aim for.

I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to make a protein shake. The tough part of course, is finding one that you like. There are tons of different flavors and lots of different companies producing protein powders so it can be harrowing to narrow down a favorite. That’s why I definitely want to share with you my latest find from Muscle Gauge Nutrition. What initially drew me in was the fact that their website was chock full of products for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. They have also have resources that include videos and articles. I feel like I can trust a company that is doing more than just selling me a product.


I navigated over to their protein line, and then I saw it, the mecca of flavors. Cake Batter Whey Protein. Holy cow I just hit the motherload. Anyone that knows me has pretty much accepted that my sweet tooth is insatiable and will be a part of me forever. I love sugary things and my fantasies as a kid included visiting a Willy Wonka factory. I wanted to roll around in candy and live with the golden geese that produced so many chocolate eggs. So you can imagine my happy freak out when I noticed that they offered this flavor in their product line.

What I love:

  1. It’s Cake Batter Flavor. This earns it 10 brownie points just like that.
  2. It’s not just protein. There is Vitamin A,C,and D, calcium, and more (listed below.)
  3. No Aspartame. That stuff is evil! I’ll avoid it whenever I can.
  4. Only 110 calories. Yay!! Have your cake and drink it too girls 😉
  5. No guilt sweet treat. Have a sweet tooth like me? This is the perfect treat and it won’t derail you from your healthy diet.

The Nitty Gritty:

MGN cake batter whey protein is very sweet which I love! But this is why I highly recommend mixing it with either just water or unsweetened almond milk. You won’t want to add anything sugary to your mix. Ryan tried it out with water and still found it too sweet for his liking. But don’t mind him, he doesn’t even like chocolate (the ultimate litmus test for sugar aficionados) and thus has no weight in this discussion 😉

As for me, I prefer having a creamier base. I always use Silk’s vanilla unsweetened almond milk. It only has 30 calories per cup/serving so I never feel bad about adding it in. The result is smooth and goes down really easily.

The Taste:

MGN Cake Batter Whey Protein is not at all chalky which I’ve found to be the case with other whey proteins. Somehow they’ve perfected this delicious blend to the point that you’ll enjoy every drop. I’ve had proteins in the past that need to be chugged because they do not taste the same 5 minutes later. This is never the case with Muscle Gauge’s Cake Batter Whey.

The Verdict:

Absolutely delicious. This protein goes down smooth and will have you anticipating the next round. I recommend it for anyone that loves dessert but doesn’t love the fat & calories most of them have.

Stay tuned for my vlog tonight and a really yummy recipe using their protein. I’m so excited to share it with you guys. Let’s just say it involves turning a really popular milkshake into a healthy version you can enjoy anytime. Any guesses??

Would you try Cake Batter Flavored protein?

What flavors have you tried?

What makes a great protein powder in your opinion?


*All opinions are completely my own. I reviewed this product as an Ambassador for FitFluential and was not compensated.*


Review- Muscle Gauge Nutrition Cake Batter Whey Protein — 13 Comments

  1. Sounds yummy but I have been trying for a year to find a low carb protein powder that doesn’t make me gag! I’ve spent more $ than I can imagine. I wish there were dirt cheap samples available from all of these companies!

    • I hear ya. I’ve had some traumatizing taste bud freakouts with some powders. The cake batter was really sweet and dessert like though :) It’s like celebrating my un-birthday whenever I drink it lol

    • Curiosity is great! Always be ready to try/say yes to new things :) Some of my best experiences have come from this. It’s something I’m getting better at myself as time goes on. Can you believe I just tried oatmeal this year?! What’s something you’ve tried in the last year? did you like it?

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