Happy New Year! It’s time to revamp your life by making positive changes.There are lots of ways you can become a better you, but it’s so much more fun to do it with others cheering you on! I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite 2013 New Year Challenges for anyone that wants to get healthier with the help of group support. I don’t know about you, but I am so amped to set new goals and dream big this year. Let’s do this!!


1. Dietbet (Easy) This new company is betting on you to bet on yourself in order to reach a new weight loss goal. I love how easy it is to navigate the website and get started! To join a group challenge just search for game, bet the required amount (anywhere from $0-500), and take the required pictures (don’t worry no one will see these) to verify your weight. Anyone that loses 4% of their starting goal weight within 4 weeks gets to split the pot winnings. This challenge is pretty easy because 4% is a manageable weight loss goal.

Recommended Group I Joined: Run Your A$$ Off by: RunWithJess.com It’s only a $10 bet and has 687 participants! Lot’s of support on this team and some fun extra prizes from Jess’ blog.

Run Your A$$ Off

Another group to Join: Roni’s New Year Weigh In by Just Roni (Blogger & founder of Fitbloggin’ Conference.) Their pot is now over $10,000!!

To search for other groups or to start your own go to the DietBet website.

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 11.53.52 PM

┬áConnect: Find Roni’s Facebook group here

2.Run This Year (Intermediate/Advanced) If you want a true challenge, try to run 2013 miles in 2013 by PavementRunner.com & RunningHutch.com

It’s called #RunThisYear and will help keep your mileage up in 2013. Pavement runner did a great job of breaking down the miles so that it’s easier to schedule. However, this is one of the tougher challenges on the list meant for intermediate to advanced runners (or beginners with cojones.) Then again, what do you have to lose by just trying? ­čśë

“2,013 miles:

  • 5.516 miles per day
  • 38.72 miles per week
  • 167.75 miles per month
  • 76.84 marathons per year
  • 671 runs to Starbucks (if your Starbucks is 3 miles away) “

run-this-year-badge-400x400Connect: Grab a button, join the facebook group, and use Hashtag #RunThisYear


3. Plank (Easy) Build up to a 5 minute plank over the course of a month with Mille Wagner.  I love how this challenge advances slowly to make it easy for everyone to plank like a champ by the end.


Connect: Join the Facebook group here or click the photo above. Hashtag it up by using #PlankChallenge on Twitter & Instagram


4. 100 Day Meditation Challenge (Easy) Daily prompts are posted on WildMind.Org that will help guide you. You can be as dedicated as you like with suggestions like “Meditate for 5 minutes…but we hope you’ll sit for much longer…”

100-day-mediation-challengeConnect: Stay motivated by posting on their Facebook Website and interacting with other participants.

**They are currently on Day #2 listed here


5. Eat Clean (Intermediate) with registered dietician Katie Heddleston. Start your new year by clean eating with her Start Clean Challenge.

Check out the Google calendar she created and follow daily prompts for guidance and a chance to win prizes from sponsors like Chobani!


Connect: Join the Facebook Group, Hashtag with #StartClean2013, and grab a button by clicking the picture below and going to her website:


 So what are you waiting for? Join a challenge or two and make this year the best year yet!
What are some of your resolutions this year? I want to take my vitamins consistently, go outside more, and meditate at least once a week.

Did you join any challenges? Which ones? I joined 13 in 2013 (13 races in 2013 with Jill Conyers) and Dietbet so far.


Top Five New Year Healthy Challenges You Can Join in 2013 — 12 Comments

  1. Terrific list! I’d heard about Dietbet but when they approached me, I turned down working with them. I didn’t think there would be an interest in it. Kicking self in butt. :-)

    I am not very good with sticking to challenges so I’m just staying focus on my own oersonal goals this year. If I can accomplish that perhaps I’ll be up for some other challenges.

    Exception, I did join 5 by 5 and 13 in 2013. See, already changing my mind. :-)
    Carli recently posted..Honey Dijon Pork Steaks #Recipe #WIAW No. 15My Profile

    • You’re welcome! It’s such a great challenge!! I just saw a documentary last night that drove the point home for me. I’m definitely going to be eating cleaner this year and may even detox.

    • Right? I’m amazed at how inspiring & caring people are for organizing these challenges. Will you be trying any this year?

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    • Thanks! yes the meditation one is definitely something I need too. Let me know if you try it :) I have a meditation app that has relaxing chimes to time you. I may try using that in the beginning.

  3. All of these are awesome! Holy cow, 2013 miles is A LOT! Props to you for taking on some of these challenges, you’re going to crush them! Have a good night! :)

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